Mounts are mobs in Cube World that the player can ride. They are believed to allow faster movement speeds without the use of stamina.

Mounts require water (depicted by the water drops in the picture below) for the player to be able to ride the mount. Pets can refill their water drops by standing on wet places (rivers, lakes, wells, etc).

To ride a mount you must have a skill point in the required skill (riding). Unlocking this skill requires 5 points in 'Pet Master'.  You must also have a pet that is considered 'Ridable'.  It will say whether or not the pet is ridable in the tooltip beneath the pets XP. To ride your pet press 'R' while near it.


List of mountable pets:

  1. Sheep
  2. Terrier
  3. Bunny
  4. Turtle
  5. Alpaca
  6. Camel
  7. Peacock
  8. Slime
  9. Bark Beetle
  10. Lemon Beetle
  11. Plain Runner
  12. Leaf Runner
  13. horse
  14. Snout Beetle
  15. ...

List of unmountable pets:

  1. Squirrel
  2. Raccoon
  3. Biter
  4. Mole
  5. Hornet
  6. Bat
  7. Owl
  8. Penguin
  9. ...
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