Pets are tamable mobs in Cube World that will assist in combat.

Pets can be tamed with certain foods or by obtaining an egg. They will often vary in appearance. Wollay has made mention of his intent to add pet armor in the future.

Renaming pets can be achieved using the command: /namepet [name]

Tame Pets:

Cube World How to tame Pets

Cube World How to tame Pets

Currently known pets:

Pet Name Pet Food
Alpaca (Tan) Vanilla Cupcake
Alpaca (Brown) Chocolate Cupcake
Bark Beetle Bread
Bat Mango Juice


Bunny Carrot
Bummblebee Biscuit Roll
Camel Date Cookie
Cat (Black) Candy
Chicken Cereal Bar
Collie Bubblegum
Crab Strawberry Cocktail
Crocodile Apple Rings
Crow Licorice Candy
Duckbill Sugar Candy
Fly Fruit Basket
Hornet Popcorn
Horse Candied Apple
Lemon Beetle Lemon Tart
Midge Melon Ice Cream
Mole Chocolate Donut
Monkey Banana Split
Mosquito Bloodorange Juice
Owl Lollipop
Parrot Ginger Tartlets
Peacocks Chocolate Cookie
Penguin Softice
Pig Pumpkin Mash
Porcupine Blackberry Marmalade
Raccoons Chocolate Cake
Runner (Desert) Caramel Chocolate Bar
Runner (Jungle) Mint Chocolate Bar
Runner (Plain)

Milk Chocolate Bar

Runner (Snow) White Chocolate Bar
Seagull Salted Caramel
Sheep Cotton Candy
Slime Purple/Yellow/Blue/Green Jelly
Snout Beetle Lolly
Spitter Water Ice
Squirrel Strawberry Cake
Terrier Waffles
Terrier (Scottish) Croissant
Turtle Cinnamon Roll
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