Skills are abilities given to each class to aid in combat. Each of the four classes recieves skills uniques to their class, as well as each subclass recieves uniques skills as well.  Each skill can be improved upon level up, by assigning the skill points recieved.  Certain skills can only be upgrading by assigining skill points into lower skills below them. 

Shared SkillsEdit

There are certain skills that all classes share.


The Warrior skill tree.

Pet Master -> Riding

Climbing -> Hang Gliding

Swimming -> Sailing


The warrior class is seperated into two subclasses: berserker and guardian.

Berserker skills:


The Ranger skill tree

  Guardian skills:

Smash -> Cyclone -> Bulwark


The ranger class is seperated into two subclasses, 


The wizard class is seperated into two subclasses: fire mage and water mage.

Fire Mage skills:

Fire Explosion -> Mana Shield -> Teleport

Water Mage skills:

Healing Stream -> Mana Shield -> Teleport


The rogue class is seperated into two subclasses: assassin and ninja.