The Warrior is one of four classes in Cube World.

Warriors are close-range fighters that have high defence and damage. They wear heavy armor and can wield Great Weapons, One-handed Weapons, and Shields.

Class SpecializationsEdit

Guardian - Guardians withstand the harders attacks and the biggest enemy crowds. They're well-suited to avert damage from allies. They wield both a one-handed weapon and a shield.

Toughness: your health is increased by 25%

Barricade: your shield block lasts twice as long as normal additionally you can parry damage with all weapons

Increased defence and health to ensure survivability.

Berserker - Berserkers jump into the fray to defeat their enemies with furioous strikes. they typically weild two long weapons or one great-weapon.

Berserker rage: Your attack speed is increased with each hit

Increased melee speed and damage to ensure higher damage output.

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